FAQ and contact...

1. What camera do you use?
    Answer: The first pages are taken with an HP R717 digital camera then I changed to a Canon G10 (Canon Powershot G10) and after that a Canon G15.
    Now I'm using a Canon G16

2. What does www.10ga.com stands for?
    Answer: Actually it was a stupid name but I took my initials G.A. but www.ga.com was taken so I started to put numbers in front of it
   and www.10ga.com was free so I took it. 

   Tricky to remember www.10ga.com ?
   Press CTRL + D when you are at the mainpage and save the page as a favorit (at least works with Internet Explorer)

3. Can I download your pictures?
    Answer: Yes for personal non commercial use.
                  Some of the pictures works rather well
                  as desktop backgrounds. 

4. And if I want to use a picture for commercial use?
    Answer: Send me an e-mail (actually I haven't thought about this yet and no one has asked about this either) 

5. How often will you put up new pictures?
    Answer: I will try to update this site with new picture
    hopefully rather often but of course it depends on if I have taken
    some pictures that I think is worth showing for public.

6. Are the pictures full size?
    Answer: No they are downsized ~60% otherwise they would be to big
    to show easy, you loose a bit in picture quality when you downsize the pictures
    however they would take to much space on my webside otherwise.

7. Contact?
    Answer: e-mail me at

8. Guestbook?
    Answer: Perhaps later.