Some more pictures...


 Tyvärr fick vi inte besökt National Corvette Museum
Unfortunately we didn't have time to visit  the Corvette Museum but at least I got a picture of this Corvette

Kentucky fried Chicken besökte vi tyvärr inte heller...
We didn't visit Kentucky fried Chicken either.

Mungiporna var och är väl inte uppåt för bilhandlarna i Usa även om en retro Mustang inte är så dumma
These pictures where taken in november 2008 and the autodealers were not that happy.
However a retro Mustang would be nice.... 

En Shelby Mustang hade jag inte sagt nej till.
A Shelby Mustang would have been nice to bring back to Sweden.

Big Mac Stilleben

The American way :-)...well I guess that Swedes eats almost as many Big Mac as the average American.

Flygplatsen på väg hem.
Kentucky Airport on the way back to Sweden.

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