On the boat to Brännö

Nice garden on Brännö

Nice roses on Brännö

A tame(?) Hedgehog (Igelkott) sees us

closing in....

 Can I eat the Camera?

No food for me?

Leaving the scene disappointed since he or she didn't get any food...sorry about that Mr/Mrs Hedgehog I didn't have any food.

House on Brännö

Brännö Brygga

Brännö Brygga

Brännö Brygga, nice boat.

View from Brännö Brygga

St Erik

View from Brännö Brygga

View from Brännö Brygga

Brännö brygga

 The band, what the younger generation thinks about the music that you can see to the left (funny picture anyway)


Shoe close-up.

The boat home...



The Party continues  on the boat home.

Göteborg harbour