Stampen and Örgryte cemetery...

Stampens cemetery in Göteborg

Stampens cemetery in Göteborg

O.P Andersson famous for his Aquavit rests at Stampens Cemetery, you can still buy his Aquavit at Systembolaget

One of  SOIC's  Supercargeur's rest at Stampens cemetery ( )

Also William Chalmers one of the Directors at SOIC rests at Stampen ( ).

Don't know how this is but he had one of the biggest tombstones at Stampen cemetery ce

Stampens cemetery in Göteborg

The price for the smallest flag goes to the Russian Consulat  in Göteborg/Örgryte

Hasselblads tombstone notice the Hasselblad camera

The Dickson Family rests at Örgryte cemetery...

...James Fredrik Dickson started building Tjolöholm Castle but sadly died before it was ready

James Fredrik Dickson 1844-1898, died when he cut himself in a finger and wrapped his finger with the lead from a wine bottle and never lived to see the completion of Tjolöholm Castle.
He died from blood poisoning.

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