A trip to Denmark midsummersday (26-june-2010)
Part 2(2)

View from Bangsbo Fort

This bunker was the command central for northern Denmark, in case of an allied invasion the defense
of northern Denmark would have been controlled from here. 

Leftovers from the Germans in Denmark not sure if they where found at Bangsbo Fort though.

These things where however found in the command bunker.

This plate where found in the bunker, notice the German Eagle with the Swastiska.
But what does KPM stands for?
A google search gives the answer: Die Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Berlin
The firm still exist.


We also visited the
Tordenskiold Festival in Frederikshavn.
The Swedish ship Götheborg visited the festival.


The Danish schoolship Danmark.

Dannebrog is the oldest state flag in the world still in use by an independent nation

The Danish schoolship Danmark.

The Danish schoolship Danmark.

View out.

A Cream mixer or perhaps the waterjet on the ferry Stena Carisma?

En Gräddmixer eller om det är vattenjeten på färjan Stena Carisma?

The waterjet thrust from Stena Carisma.


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