A trip to Visby (Gotland, Sweden 12-July-2010)
Part 2

First  night in Visby I went on a trip in the city.
Visby is sometimes refered to as The Medieval City of Roses.

Among the most notable historical remains are the 3.4 km long stone wall called Ringmuren ("the Ring Wall"), that encircles the city and the old church ruins.


To the left the smallest house (14kvm / 14 sqm) in Visby, this was once the poorest part of Visby now it is one of the most expensive parts, the house was recently sold
for 200 000 US$ (1.450 000 sek).
The house was built sometimes between 1794-1808.

Visby is as said sometimes refered to as the City of Roses.
Can you guess why?

An old firestation in Visby

The work on the ring wall was likely begun in the 12th century. Around 1300 it was rebuilt to reach its current height, acquiring the characteristic towers,
although some towers were not constructed until the 15th century. The ringwall is still largely intact.


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