Smögen, Sweden July-2010

Mackmyra Whisky Storage in Smögen

Our Barrel!

The newest looking barrels are made from swedish oak from Visingsö

A shrimp tombola!
Yes you're in Smögen on the Swedish westcoast.

We took the ferry to Hållö.


During the second world war a swedish DC3 was shot down at Hållö the 23 rd October 1943 by a german Junker 88.

The DC3 crashed here.

Now you can take a bath here however the weather wasn't that good when we visited Hållö.

Slättehälla on Hållö was polished during the Ice_age


Slättehälla on Hållö was as you can clearly see here polished during the Ice_age

This propeller blade remains from the DC3 that was showdown at Hållö 1943.






or Krabbtaska in swedish.


Shrimp sandwiches.



Mackmyra Whisky tasting in Kungshamn close to Smögen (sorry about the fingerprint on the glass).







Of course we finished with a shrimp sandwich.




Another shrimp tombola.



Typical house in Smögen


Atlantic mackerel street.

Typical house in Smögen

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