Pictures from The Museum of Art in Gothenburg part 1(2).              

Per_Hasselberg first notable work was this sculpture titled Snöklockan (Snowbell in English)

Hip,_Hip,_Hurrah!  was painted by Peder_Severin_Kroyer

This one is also from Per_Hasselberg and called "Näckrosen" (Water Lily in English)

Notice to the far right in the middle of this painting you can see the Eiffel Tower under construction.
The painting  was actually painted in 1888 when the construction of the Eiffel Tower had reached that far.

and his most famous work: Scandinavian Artist lunch at Café Ledoyen 1886

 Per_Hasselberg also made this one called "Grodan" (The Frog in English)


One of the biggest donors to
Gothenburg_Museum_of_Art was Pontus_Fürstenberg
Everything that you see on this page comes from his private collection which he donated to
It has been awarded 3 stars in Guide Michelin (The Green Guide).

Richard_Bergh Nordic Summer Evening (1889-1900).



Raphaël Collin
The Summer, 1884


At Sea, 1883

,  Lunch during la Feria in Granada 1882

One of the biggest donors to
Gothenburg_Museum_of_Art was Pontus_Fürstenberg, you can see him in this painting.


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