Opening of "Grindstugan" ...

The nature surrounding Tjolöholm Castle (June 2008).
Tjolöholms_slott (in swedish)

It was time for opening of "Grindstugan" which had been closed for several years.
Grindstugan would translated to english be The Gatehouse.


"Grindstugan" at Tjolöholm Castle,

Now you can rent it for a weekend or so, for more info check

Something to drink.

...And something to eat.

Inside "Grindstugan", the bathroom.


The bedroom on the upper floor.

View from the bedroom.


The bedroom.

Del av vardagsrummet på nedre våningen
Part of the living room on ground floor.

Part of the kitchen on ground floor.

Many people wanted to take a look.


View from the gate.

Carl Larsson och Grevinnan Bonde besökte också  invigningen
Carl Larsson and the Countess Bonde also visited the opening.

You can also rent the houses in the village close to Tjolöholm castle.

Inside on of the houses that are available for rent.


These houses are now refurbished and are available for rent.



Tjolöholms Church


Tjolöholms Church.




Mycket äppelblom i år och mycket äpplen verkar det bli i år som en följd av detta.
Apple blossom at my parents house.

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